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Now and Into the Millennium
NQI Incorporated is a company with a plan and a vision of the future. You can be a part of that future as an IMA with NQI. The turn of the century is a time of change and definition for people worldwide. As a culture, we have been able to achieve staggering advances in the way we work, play and live.

Baby Boomers and seniors, who now represent the single largest market group in North America, are increasingly aware of the need to supplement their diets in order to maximize their health and reverse the aging process. Each day we are being bombarded with facts about the importance of nutrition and keeping the immune system strong.

NQI is a company that is based on the concept of enriching people's lives through delivering advances in anti-aging technologies by building on the immune system. Scientists and researchers are rewriting the text on what was previously thought to be hard fact knowledge regarding our bodies. Careful observation of these breakthroughs reveal a hard fact that is becoming increasingly evident, the immune system and its strength are the center of the bodies life force. Strengthening this center aspect of the body can effect change, like spokes of the wheel to the other parts of the whole.

The NQI products build upon the foundation of that concept. The marketing plan and company policies and procedures found in this section are the blocks of the future for you to build a solid foundation for your personal financial success. Like the strength of the products, individuals in the next millenium also seek stability and growth financially. Your hard work, persistence, location and efforts combined with the NQI opportunity may provide that future you are looking for.

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