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Message From The President
Our country and many others throughout the world are in the midst of a widespread epidemic of lifestyle-induced disease. Through the turn of the century, infectious disease was rampant. With the advent of vaccines and antibiotics, diseases like polio, smallpox, leprosy, septicemia, rheumatic fever, and many other life-threatening conditions were brought under control. However, today, lifestyle-induced diseases such as heart disease, adult onset diabetes, most arthritis, ulcers, cancer, obesity, and many other degenerative conditions are plaguing us like never before!

It's a sad commentary, when you realize that it is totally within our control to not suffer from many of these conditions. So, why do we suffer? Ignorance, confusion, lack of motivation to change, an "after-the-fact, quick-fix oriented health care system", commercial falsehoods, financial short comings, and even special interest politics have all hindered our attempts at becoming truly healthy and fit.

In fact, the US, the richest and most open-minded nation in the world, is failing miserably at giving each of us our best shot at being disease free and optimally fit. This is evident in our costly, marginally effective health care system. We spend one trillion dollars a year on health care, which is more than any other nation in the world. Yet, by World Health Organization standards, we are ranked 38th on the globe for overall good health. Far behind many countries that spend much less than we do for healthcare. We do rank high on the list for being sick. Our incidence of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, allergies and many other severe conditions are becoming the highest in the world. This is an outrage! We spend more money than any other country, yet we achieve minimal results. Why? According to the World Health Organization and other agencies, the US ranks poorly in good health because we:

  1. Have a symptom relief rather than cause removal oriented healthcare system.
  2. Are the most drug laden society in the world.
  3. Rely very little on preventative medicine. Rather, we wait until a full-blown health crisis arises before we act. (This is referred to as "after-the-fact" medicine).
  4. Over utilize unnecessary surgeries and other "after-the-fact" crisis care.
  5. Operate our health care system more as a business for profit than as a human service profession.
  6. Take very little individual responsibility for our personal health and well being, relying more on doctors to take responsibility for our problems.
  7. Are overfed and undernourished (In fact, the US Surgeon General has stated 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight and 66% of our population is deficient in at least two or more essential nutrients. Some bionutrient assessment laboratories report that over 90% of people tested demonstrate essential nutrient deficiencies'.

So you ask yourself, "What can be done about this intolerable situation?" The answer is so simple; we get back to the basics, back to our individual needs that in turn affect the whole. This is where NQI enters the picture.

Unlike any other company, NQI will give you a place to start by helping you put it all together. With a step-by-step personalized health program utilizing the hottest breakthrough products which comprehensively meet your needs. You will be in control!

I was brought up in a medical family. My father, his father, my mother's father, and all four of my uncles were/are all medical doctors, whom all practiced preventive medicine and nutrition before it was fashionable. I had nutrition drilled into me from my early childhood. My Father was the Chief Consultation Officer of five major hospitals in the Los Angeles area, which is where other doctors go to get their questions answered. He was a brilliant man, and through my family connections and where they have led me, I will show you what to do; to stay physically fit, endlessly energetic, and supremely healthy. This goes beyond just eating properly, it goes into the realm of space age supplementation and fitness sciences.

Our program will fine tune the essential elements of diet, food preparation, in-depth exercise, and motivating behavior modification and bring you into a realm of supplemental technology that you didn't know even existed. You will achieve the instant results you've always craved and deserve.

A longer life with optimal health and energy can be achieved through this preventative and corrective program. By using the NQI system, you will look and feel the way you've always wanted and our state-of-the-art network marketing program will give you the financial success of your dreams.

Besides the most advanced nutritional products and programs, NQI has the most professional business, health, and fitness team ever assembled in a single company. Information hotlines, instant telecommunications, informative newsletters, and upscale marketing materials will all be available to you. Symposiums, never ending training opportunities, an international network marketing campaign, unmatched trend setting incentives, and even business promoting infomercials are included to help you be the best that you can be for the rest of your life.

Here's to your health and happiness,

Lawrence E. Sturchio

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