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About NQI


As an NQI Independent Marketing Associate you are on the path to success, financial prosperity, improved health and well being. You are also one of the fortunate people with true entrepreneurial spirit, bolstered by the drive and motivation to own your own business and realize the financial prosperity you deserve.

Our Mission
NQI is committed to spreading good health and wellness around the world through the development of an accessible, affordable, and well-coordinated network of products. The NQI mission is to provide our Associates the opportunity to realize their dreams and to help them create financial independence by providing proprietary products backed by years of beta-testing and innovative research. NQI is committed to providing unsurpassed Internet and e-Commerce presence therefore providing global access to all, and assisting them with uncompromising service and cutting-edge systems to support the realization of these dreams.

NQI can provide the vehicle for the financial freedom you've been looking for, the optimal health you've always wanted, and the independence you've dreamed about.

The Company
NQI Incorporated (NQI) is a Nevada Corporation founded in 1994, and incorporated in 1998. The NQI home office and warehouse facility is in Orange County, California. Over four years of planning, research, development and market refining have gone into the roll out and long-term distribution of the products NQI will introduce.

With the NQI Wealth Builder Uni-Flex Compensation Plan, you have an optimum opportunity to create and maintain a tremendously successful business. The company provides, and will continue to provide, exceptional products that boost your personal health and your business. Your persistent effort and dedication to accomplishing your financial goals may lead to a very dynamic future for you as an NQI IMA.

Success Advantage - NQI
With NQI, you have the unique advantage of an unsurpassed leadership team coupled with a proven plan of action. You also have effective, one of a kind marketing tools developed by NQI exclusively for NQI Associates. These include 24-hour fax-on-demand, live conference calls, compelling product brochures, fast-start training programs, and much, much more. Becoming an NQI Marketing Associate is a life-enhancing and profitable choice.

The Success Path
If you have the will to be successful, NQI can show you The Success Path. Here are some of NQI Success advantages:

  • The NQI opportunity to own your own business is a pathway to personal discovery and success.
  • Ours is an inexpensive and easy start-up operation fully supported by a superior and dedicated leadership team.
  • The NQI Wealth Builder Uni-Flex Compensation Plan is designed to build success for every one in the organization.
  • Our Marketing Associates receive step-by-step assistance from the leadership team, all day, every day.
  • Our leadership team is backed by a strong, Management Team. We're here to stay.

Communication is the key. NQI has developed a comprehensive Network Communications Center that keeps everyone in touch 24-hours a day. As an NQI Independent Marketing Associate, you will have an enormous number of success-building tools at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.These include:

  • 24-Hour Fax-On-Demand
  • 24-Hour Voice Information Bulletin Board
  • Web Site: www.nqionline.com

Additional Success Building Tools Include:

  • The NQI Fax Blast Program
  • Corporate Conference Calls
  • Weekly Live Career Opportunity Calls
  • Business Orientation Calls
  • Responsive, Fast Order Turnaround
  • Information Rich Newsletters
  • In-depth Product Brochures
  • Company Brochures
  • Audio Tape Program (Coming in Spring 2000)
  • Discovery Journal
  • Success Journal

Seminars and Workshops
Plus, in addition to the one of a kind Network Communications Center, we'll be sponsoring get-togethers on a regular basis to help everyone on the team get the information, skills, and motivational boosts designed to put you on the path to your highest potential.

The Business
Nutritional products comprise one of the largest, most exciting, and fastest growing industries in the world. NQI is the business of providing the most effective, highest quality natural, health enhancing products available to this very receptive market. Our goal is to accomplish this mission by inviting motivated entrepreneurs to build their own businesses, based on these health-enhancing products, unparalleled marketing tools, and the unlimited income potential they provide.

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