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If you are one of the fortunate people with a true entrepreneurial spirit, bolstered by the drive and motivation to own your own business and realize the financial prosperity you deserve, you're in the right place.

In business, timing is everything; and with the New Millennium here, now is the time to prosper. The NQI Organization has embarked on a timely journey, a Quest of historic importance. The multitude of Associates, who have elected to accompany us on this journey, will experience un-imagined health and prosperity. This structured movement, coupled with our patented and/or trademarked nutritional products and NQI's massive Internet Presence, will attract the masses. Our Distributor's self-replicating website and our state-of-the-art point and click, "Build Your Own e-commerce Website Program" with personalized shopping malls, is the wave-of-the-future. All who wish to participate may bask in the nurturing warmth of our extensive family. Care to join us?

Just Imagine What It's Like to Be Financially Independent
It has never been easier than the present time to build your own highly successful business. Imagine starting your own company with little or no cash investment, offering patented and/or proprietary nutritional products that everybody needs and wants. World-renowned doctors, biochemists and nutritional experts have developed NQI's products; and they are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities where quality control remains the highest priority. Imagine starting a business that would afford you the luxury of being your own boss, and fulfilling your financial dreams in a very short period of time. Imagine having seasoned marketing professionals provide you with a proven success system, and furnish you with the most exciting promotional materials in the industry. This image can become a reality by joining the NQI family. As an NQI associate, you will experience the American-dream in ways you've never thought possible.

Products for the New Millennium
We have entered the nutritional industry arena, which is a fast-paced growth environment producing in access of $80 billion in annual sales. As a privately held Company, NQI has the means to develop, manufacture and market a variety of products that appeal to this most profitable market base. Millions of dollars and over four years of research development, planning and market refining have gone into the roll out of the perpetual distribution of the existing NQI products. These, as well as newly developed consumable products, will continue to be introduced to the world market place.

As we enter the new millennium and the population grows older, the sales potential of NQI products to over 80 million "Baby Boomers" and 50 million senior citizens is obvious. This is the first time in the history of this country that over 130 million people have three common goals, to feel and look younger, and live longer. The largest segment of the population will be looking for natural solutions to its most bothersome health problems. NQI has developed a variety of nutritional product systems to combat a multitude of abnormalities, all of which include cutting-edge, doctor-developed nutraceutical products based on the latest clinical research. These products were designed to help boost the immune system, reverse mother-natures biological clock, help people feel better, live healthier, and increase life's longevity.

With NQI's Uni-Flex Compensation Plan, you have an optimum opportunity to create and maintain a tremendously successful business. The company provides exceptional products that boost your personal health, as well as enhances the potential of your business. Your persistent effort and dedication to accomplishing your financial goals may lead to a dynamic future for you as an NQI Distributor.

As an NQI Distributor, you are on the path to success, financial prosperity, improved health and well being.

Success Advantage - NQI
With NQI, you have the unique advantage of an unsurpassed leadership ready to help you with their proven plan of action. You also have effective, one of a kind marketing tools developed by NQI exclusively for NQI Associates. These include Associate Web Sites with e-Commerce capabilities, build-your-own consumer e-Commerce Web Sites with merchant accounts available at the click of the mouse, personal 24-hour fax-on-demand, live conference calls, exciting product brochures, fast-start training programs, and much, much more. Becoming an NQI Marketing Associate is a life-enhancing and profitable choice.

The Diet that is taking the Market by Storm
In our industry, once every decade a product driven marketing program comes along that captures everyone's imagination. With the Flagship Product, "Royal Hawaiian Noni ®," and the new NQI diet, Rest-Q ®, Melt Down ®, and Kick Start ®, comes wealth and success to the majority of people who are associated. Just imagine how you and your customers will respond to this amazing program that is based on the latest breakthrough in nutritional science. No wonder Associates from other companies are leaving in droves to join NQI; and this is just the beginning. New advancements to the NQIonline.com Internet and e-Commerce programs are now in the final stages of development, and are destined to revolutionize the way healthcare products are brought to market.

We encourage you to browse this site and discover how NQI can become the journey of a lifetime for you. This could be your path to financial freedom and a richer more rewarding life.

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